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PVC Corner Bead With Fiberglass Mesh Production Line

1,What’s the corner bead?

Fiberglass PVC corner bead also named PVC wall corner, PVC drywall corner, PVC angel bead, etc.

PVC plastic protection corner bead include internal corner and external corner beads, which is specially design to protect the doorside strips, wall corners, window corners. During operation, it’s coated with fiberglass mesh together, which can solve corner problem, like not straight, not flat, easy damaged, popular used in indoor decorations.

2 How does the corner bead be Produced?

Raw materials→XiangAn extruder→XiangAn vacuum setting machine →XiangAn haulling off machine →XiangAn punching hole and cut in length →collect→paste the fiberglass mesh

1st step : XiangAn Extruder

The XiangAn extruder can heat the raw material mixture and extrude it through a twin-screw screw. After going through a mold of a specific shape, get the corner bead protector of the desired size

2nd, XiangAn Vacuum setting machine

The XiangAn corner beads after coming out of the extruder has not yet been shaped, and the second step of the vacuum setting machine is needed to cool it and set it. The setting machine keeps the corner bead in a suspended state and will not change its shape.

3rd  XiangAn Haulling off machine

The XiangAn  conveyor will evenly transport the freshly cooled corner bead and keep pace with the production speed of the extruder, without pulling the corner bead excessively or hindering the corner bead.

4th, XiangAn Punching and cutting machine

Corner beads are punched out of various shapes holes on XiangAn punching machine and cut to a set length

5th, XiangAn Collecting.

The extruder can produce 6 corner beads at a time, and in the collection section, these 6 corner bead lines will be evenly distributed in the 6 grooves.

6th XiangAn Paste the fiberglass mesh

This machine will glue the fiberglass mesh to the PVC corner guard

3 our machine advantage.

The materials of the producing line are all special alloys used to ensure its service life. All electrical accessories choose famous brand products at China and abroad ,which ensure stable production and greatly extend the service life of the equipment. We promise long-term quality assurance.